Tutor recruitment for Ag Sugradh Le Cheile

The Ag Súgradh le Chéile (ASLC) Training Programme is a Tutor Programme which is being offered to Early Childhood Educators/Practitioners.

Is there any Early Childhood Educator in your service who would be interested in training in the Ag Súgradh le Chéile (ASLC) programme?

Expectations from tutors

  • To participate in the training and review sessions
  • To deliver in pairs at least 5 workshops throughout the year
  • To co-facilitate two sessions as part of their training

Please see the Personal Specification for Ag Súgradh Le Chéile Tutors for more information.

If you have any queries, please contact Kirsty Browne on 0863960117 or kirsty@activedonegal.com


Ag Súgradh le Chéile (ASLC) is a project developed by the Health Service Executive West to promote active play. It is a joint programme between Health Promotion and Improvement and Donegal Sports Partnership.

ASLC aims to promote active play by involving both children and parents. Research has shown the positive effects parental support can have on a child’s activity levels and also the benefits both physically and mentally for children engaging in active play from an early age.

The workshop is targeted at children from infants to second class and is hosted by the school for a period of 90 minutes. During the workshop parents/ guardians participate with their child/children in a variety of activities including ball games, music and rhyme and traditional games. It is enjoyable for both parents/guardians and children and there is an opportunity for discussion with tutors. The workshop is facilitated by specially trained tutors who have experience in both working with children and parents and also active play or physical activity.

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