Publication of AIM Rules 2019/2020 – PIP Announcement

The Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) Rules for the 2019/2020 ECCE programme year may now be viewed on the AIM website, Or by clicking HERE
It is hoped that the AIM Rules will be a useful resource for the sector and providers are encouraged to bring the document to the attention of their staff. As indicated in the ECCE contract, preschool services that avail of AIM are obliged to comply with the AIM Rules. As such, preschool providers are asked to familiarise themselves with the document. It is anticipated that the Rules will be updated from time to time to reflect developments in the sector. Providers will be notified of any such updates.
Preschool providers and practitioners should note that, while much of the AIM Rules document sets out in clear terms the rules and procedures that are already in place, there is a change in relation to additional capitation payments for Inclusion Coordinators. From 2019/2020 ECCE programme year, it will no longer be possible for Inclusion Coordinator additional capitation payments to be backdated to be beginning of the programme year if the application is submitted late in the programme year.
As a LINC graduate does not become an Inclusion Coordinator until they sign the Declaration Form agreeing to take on the role, there is no reason to backdate additional capitation payments for Inclusion Coordinators to the beginning of the programme year where the application is received late in the programme year.
To support services to adjust to this rule change, for the 2019/2020 programme year, the additional capitation can be backdated to the beginning of the programme year provided that the application form reaches Pobal by 31st October 2019. This will also accommodate new LINC graduates whose graduation verification will only reach Pobal by late September.
Preschool providers are asked to bring this change to the attention of their staff, where relevant.

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