NCS Bridging Payments – PIP Announcement

Please see the following announcement from PIP

Services who availed of one/two week’s subsidised (paid) closure for NCS over the Christmas and New Year’s period were given the option to avail of a Bridging Payment, as they would be unable to submit their NCS returns while closed. Services would have been prompted to avail of this when they were submitting their weekly return on the Early Years Hive for the week ending 15th December 2019.

This was also communicated in advance through an announcement about Christmas payments made on the PIP portal on 10th December 2019.

If you were one of these services, please be aware that this week’s NCS payment (17th January) will be adjusted accordingly i.e. the amount of the bridging payment will be deducted from the payment due.

*Bridging Payments are made available to services to avail of on the Early Years Hive when submitting a return. Two weeks in advance, the system recognises when a service has a subsidised closure coming up and asks the following: “You have an upcoming closure. Do you want to request a Bridging Payment for dates from X to Z? (Yes/No)”

This is paid while the service is closed i.e. unable to submit returns. Services must then submit ‘Fast Returns’ for this period when they return after the closure.

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