DCYA position on covid 19

  • If a service is directed to close by the HSE, DCYA will approve closure on force majeure grounds, so that subvention will continue to be paid under all DCYA programmes, ECCE, NCS and the legacy schemes.  The service will not be required to make up days for those closed due to approved force majeure.
  • If a service choose to close, without being directed to by the HSE, any application for force majeure will be considered on a case by case basis, in accordance with current practice.  This policy is being kept under review and we will be guided by the HSE  in the case of services which close due to concerns about Covid 19.
  • If a parent chooses to keep a child at home due to illness or fear of illness the usual rules apply. Children can be absent for up to 4 weeks without a loss of funding for the service.  If a child or their parent is ill, they can apply to their CCC for approval for an additional 8 weeks of subvention while the child is absent.  If a child is absent for more than 4 weeks, without any illness, the CCCs will consider requests for continued funding on a case by case basis.  If the absence is due to a parent keeping their child at home due to fear of illness, the CCCs will take this into consideration when considering the request.

Please note that any changes or updates will be posted by DCCC as/when they are received by DCYA.

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