Compliance Checklist Post Covid19 

Participants in the Temporary COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme (TWSCS) must maintain evidence of compliance with the terms and conditions of the TWSCS Funding Agreement, and produce such documentation upon request to the DYCA or Pobal.

This may include both financial and other records. It may be checked to verify payments and ensure compliance with the scheme’s requirements.


Included in this is evidence that:

  • The Childcare Service has sought to reinstate Childcare Staff who were laid off on or after 12 March 2020.
  • The Childcare Service has, upon re-opening following COVID-19 mandated closure, retained the place of each child who was registered with their service on 12 March 2020.
  • The Childcare Service has not charged any fees to parents for the duration of the TWSCS Agreement, or has returned fees already paid for the period following 6 April.
  • Funding for topping-up pay has only been used towards Childcare Staff payroll.
  • The Childcare Service has, where possible, encouraged Childcare Staff to engage in training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) during this closure period. Providers can use the template available on the DCYA First 5 CPD webpage to make a CPD plan and to record activities.
  • The funding provided for overheads is used towards ongoing costs incurred by the Childcare Service.

Pobal or the DCYA may also seek further information or records to ensure the accuracy of information or payments provided, or to confirm that the scheme’s requirements are being met.


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