Continuous Professional Development (CPD) / COVID-19

Information and FAQs on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in relation to COVID-19 measures for providers and staff of Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare Services

Is CPD mandatory?
YES. Engaging in CPD is a condition of receiving funding as part of this new WSCS Funding Agreement.

Why should I complete CPD?
This is an opportunity for you and your staff team to add to your knowledge and skills while not working directly with children during the COVID-19 crisis.
It also demonstrates your ongoing commitment to training and professional development within your setting.

How many hours of CPD do I have to do?
There is no minimum or maximum requirement. The amount and type of CPD should be agreed between employee and employer and must take into account the health and well-being of all staff.

How does the service decide what CPD to engage with?
The service CPD form can be used to make a plan for your service (available on the First Five CPD page). You may need to amend this plan over time and in consultation with your staff.

Actions under CPD may include:

  • Minuted online staff meetings that provide an opportunity for staff to reflect on their practice
  • Revision of service policies, or e-learning
  • Engagement with the children in your service
  • Transition activities for the children in your service who may be going on to school in September

Do I have to use the DCYA CPD webpage available on the First Five website?
No. Courses from other reputable sources are also acceptable. However, you are welcome to use the courses available on the First Five website (more courses will be added to this page over the coming weeks).

How does the service record the CPD for compliance?
All courses/actions/materials you and your staff engage with must be recorded using the template available to download on the DCYA First Five CPD webpage. Please keep the completed template as a record for compliance checks.

How does the individual practitioner record their CPD?
Individual practitioners can also use the template available for download on the First Five CPD web page. You can share details with others about the courses you found most useful.

Will I receive a CPD payment for completing training?
No, there are no payments for CPD at this time. However, all courses on the DCYA online CPD webpage are provided free of charge.

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