Please find attached 2 documents designed to support you and the children and families in your service with transitions during the current period considering the COVID 19 restrictions.

Document 1 – The importance of the next transition: Adapting where we left off to move forward” is designed for you the early educator.

Document 2 – “Transitions For Parents” is a stand-alone leaflet specifically to support parents to prepare their child starting primary school in September in 2020, with tips and ideas of skills to practise at home as part of this preparation.


Following the sudden closure of childcare and preschool services due to COVID 19, many children and Key Persons were unable to complete the programme year together. 

While there will be a phased reopening of services for frontline staff from June, a lot of families will not be returning to their previous Key Person or may be moving on to primary school. 

These documents contain techniques and ideas to support you wind up the current year in a positive way with the children that usually attend your service. 


If you would like any additional information or advice, please feel free to contact DCCC info@donegalchildcare.com 


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