National Early Years Children First Programme – Updates

June 2020
National Early Years Children First Programme
Tusla now require anyone making a child protection and welfare report to use the secure Web portal on Tusla website (unless this is not possible). Early Learning and Care Services should already be familiar with this Portal as it is the same Portal that is used to complete Early Years Registrations.

Below are some points to note regarding the use of the portal:
• The Portal can be accessed at
• There is a short user guide available at
• New users registering on the Portal will need an email address and a mobile phone as there is a two-factor authentication system. It is recommended that the email address and phone number used are not personal accounts but a service account where possible • DLP and DDLP in services should be familiar with the Web Portal and have access to log in details for their service. DLP/DDLP’s should set up a Web portal Account for their service.
• The Web Portal is refreshed every 5 mins and is monitored during office hours. This allows Tusla to send the report to the relevant Tusla Duty Social Work Department.
• If you feel that concern may require urgent intervention to make a child-safe, you may decide to submit your report over the phone. This should be followed up by a report on the Portal within 3 days – this is a legal requirement for mandated persons making reports under the Children First Act (2015).
• If you cannot contact Tusla and have an immediate concern about the safety of a child, please contact An Garda Síochána.

June 2020
National Early Years Children First Programme
• Mandated Persons can make a report, if necessary, without going through the DLP or DDLP, however, reporting procedures should be followed in all instances. DLPs should be informed of any reports submitted by Mandated Persons.
• The Child Protection and Welfare Report can be saved on the Web Portal for completion for up to 48 hours from starting. After this time the report will be deleted

• The Web Portal allows for details of a concern to outlined up to 500 words
• Once a report is submitted, the sender will receive an email receipt with a reference number within one day. This is confirmation that the report has been received. If you do not receive this email, you should consider your report as not received and contact your local Tusla office directly to clarify
• Once a report is submitted, the reporter has 48 hours to print it off. After this time the report will not be available on the portal, there will however be a list of reference numbers visible to the reporter. If reporters require a copy of the report after this time, they can contact the local Duty Social Work Office through the Dedicated Contact Points at
• If additional information comes to light that does not merit a separate report, individuals can contact the local Duty Social Work Department to add this information to their original report.
• The Web Portal is fully Data Protection Compliant. If for some reason, you are unable to submit a report through the Secure Web Portal, you should download the Child Protection and
Welfare Report Form (or the Retrospective Abuse Report Form) on Tusla’s website at: and submit, without delay, to Tusla’s by registered post. This should be sent to the social work department where the child resides.


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