Increase in the value of the Childminding Re-opening Grant

Change to Childminding Reopening Grant. 

In light of the announcement by the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection of the extension of the Enterprise Support Grant for self-employed micro-enterprises that are re-opening their business and transitioning from the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs has announced an increase in the value of the Childminding Re-opening Grant from €500 to €1,000.

This change will ensure whole-of-Government consistency with supports provided for the re-opening of small businesses from the 29th June. Childminders who have already applied for the Childminding Reopening Grant will, if eligible for payment, be awarded €1,000, rather than the €500 applied for. Applications forms and guidance material will be adjusted to provide clarity for future applicants as to the increased value of the grant.

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