Updated FAQs v2 on the Reopening Funding Package for Childcare Services 01/07/2020

Dear Providers,

Please see link below to version 2 of the FAQs on the Reopening Funding Package for Childcare Services. This is an update to the FAQs we circulated on 12 June. We have added additional clarifications in response to questions we have received from you and your representative organisations.

The attached FAQs are intended to provide clarity on how this funding package will work. These FAQs aim to be informative but may be added to and/or amended again as more information becomes available. The Department will also continue keeping track of any queries we receive and clarify any remaining areas of uncertainty in another update if necessary. Any future updates will also be circulated, with the changes that have been made highlighted.

As always, your local CCCs will be available to offer support. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you require assistance with interpreting or applying for any element of the new funding package.

Kind regards,

Early Years Division.

Reopening Funding Package FAQ V. 2 01 July 2020Final (1)

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