Covid-19 Sustainability Support Fund – Updated Application Form

Please see the following announcement from PIP.

Covid-19 Sustainability Support Fund – Updated Application Form

Dear Providers,

Please note that some additional clarifications have been added on page 5 of the application form in respect of the eligibility criteria.

The amendments are as follows:

  • If you are a Service Provider with employees you must confirm statement 5 i.e. that you have registered for the Employers Wage Subsidy Scheme to be eligible for consideration.
  • If you have reduced your hours of service you must confirm that you have reduced your fees to parents or guardians accordingly to be eligible for consideration.  Refer to Statement 10 of the eligibility statements.

If you have already submitted an application you will be contacted directly by email and given the opportunity to submit an amended application.

The Application Form, Workbook, and Applicant Guidelines for the Covid-19 Sustainability Support Fund are available on the Hive and can be accessed here:

Please refer to your local CCC for any support required.

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