First Aid Responder Training – Level 5 Restrictions

PHECC, the regulator responsible for ensuring the quality and standards of FAR (First Aid Responder) course content and examinations. They are very aware of the pressures that the current Covid-19 restrictions are placing on trainers who deliver PHECC responder level courses, and on organisations who are looking to access places on those courses for their staff.


As we are currently in Level 5 of the Government’s Covid-19 response, face-to-face training cannot take place. If and when restrictions are lifted, PHECC have advised, trainers will then be able to decide if they can offer face-to-face training based on their own risk assessments and their ability to comply with the relevant Government advice and guidelines.


The FAR reimbursement scheme will continue to run until the end of 2020. The final date for the receipt of applications this year will be Friday 11 December 2020.


Tusla acknowledge due to the ongoing pandemic, the necessity to extend the timeframe to meet the requirement for services to have at least one person trained in FAR, until the end of February 2021. In addition, for those staff that already have FAR certification, Tusla will not expect certs be renewed until circumstances allow.


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