First Aid Responder (FAR) – Information and Reimbursement Application Form

FAR Online training:

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, PHECC have agreed that the theory part of the FAR training course can be delivered as an online component. PHECC have stipulated that the online theory training will be:

  • For the short term only and will be limited to the duration of the current Covid-19 situation.
  • Does not replace the whole course, is for FAR theory only.
  • Full certification cannot come from this part of the training.
  • Practical’s and assessment should be on hold until the current Covid-19 situation is over.
  • The online session must be live and the trainer must ensure that they can document that participants engaged fully.
  • There will be a limit of participants to 8 as in the face-to-face course

 Such a significant departure from normal standards shall be limited to the duration of the current Covid-19 crisis.

Things to consider

Before undertaking online FAR theory training Childcare Providers should ensure the following:

  • That the training is being offered by a PHECC Approved Training Institution listed here.
  • That the company offering the online training can provide an interim certificate/letter as proof of completion of online theory training
  • That the company you choose to do the online training with will also be able to offer the practical part of the course as well as the assessment in a place and at a time that will suit you

There is no obligation to undertake online training, services can opt to wait until the face-to-face courses are being offered and undertake the training in the normal way. However, the subsidy will only be available until the end of 2020 (see payment schedule on application form).

Claiming the partial subsidy:

On completion of the online theory training, services can apply for a maximum of €150 which represents 2/3 of the total subsidy or 2/3 of what you paid for the course, whichever is the lesser by completing the FAR Reimbursement Application Form and submitting along with a receipt and a certificate/letter confirming that the participant has undertaken the full online theory course. On completion of the practical part of the course, the provider can apply for the remaining €75 by submitting their certificate.

Approved FAR Instructors in Donegal:

Please see a list of Approved FAR Instructors Donegal  whom are still running courses at present.

Please note there will be no extension to the DCYA support funding beyond December 2020.

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