Covid-19 Impact Support Funding

The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) is pleased to announce that the application process for COVID-19 Impact Support will begin on Monday 1 March.
This funding will be available throughout 2021 for eligible ELC and SAC services that require further financial assistance in addition to current support measures available and others that may be announced throughout the year.
It is a funding option of last resort and will only be available to services which have exhausted all other funding support options.

Funding will be provided to successful applicants which have experienced an income/expenditure deficit in respect of the childcare aspect of their business/organisation, and which do not have sufficient funds in reserve (in their business/organisation) to absorb this deficit.

Funding is not available to replace all lost income; funding is available only to fill an actual shortfall where the applicant cannot meet all of their current costs.

Funding will be provided to successful applicants retrospectively for the previous calendar month; i.e. while the application process for January will begin on 1 March, applications for funding for February will be accepted from 8 March, and funding for subsequent months can be applied for in the following month.

Services that continue to experience an income/expenditure deficit may
reapply as many months as necessary.

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