School Aged Childcare Survey – Closes 11th July ’21

You are being asked to take part in a School Aged childcare (SAC) survey with your local CCC on behalf of the DCEDIY. Through the Early Years advisory group, the DCEDIY have been informed that Covid-19 has had a significant impact on school aged services in particular. The purpose of this survey is to establish the level of impact on school aged services, if there is any variation in impact, what might cause any variance and to help underpin any future policy decisions.

To gather this data a system called Sonra will be used. The information you input into the survey document will be available to your CCC and the DCEDIY. Sonra is a system of automated surveys/questionnaires, that you will be invited to participate in.

The CCC will use your current e-mail address to set you up on the system.In the next few days you will receive an e-mail from Sonra titled Sonra: New User Account’. This email will contain your personalised link to Sonra. You click on the link and log in to the system. Your username is the email address the link was sent to and you can choose your own password.

PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THE PASSWORD, once set, the CCC teams will not be able to view it so they cannot recover the password should you forget it!You can access Sonra at any time at

***Closing date for submission is Sunday 11th July ’21***

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