Playing Outside Grant can now be used to buy a CO2 Monitor

The Playing Outside Grant 2021, which is open for online applications until 5pm Tuesday 31 August 2021, can now be used to fund a CO2 monitor for your service.
CO2 monitors can provide a useful indicator that areas or rooms may not be adequately ventilated.
They can be used to judge ventilation in a room, taking into account the impact of activities, outdoor weather and window openings.
If you have already applied for this grant, you can use the funding to purchase a CO2 monitor, or, if you have purchased a CO2 monitor in the eligible expenditure window (1 June- 30 November) this will now be counted as eligible expenditure under this grant. You do not need to contact Pobal to communicate this change.

If you have not made an application under the Playing Outside Grant 2021 and intend to purchase a CO2 monitor with grant monies, please select VENTILATION from the list of eligible expenditure on the grant application.

Further information
For further information on the programme rules and how to apply for this grant please read the  Applicant Guidelines .
For a step-by-step guide on how to complete the application on HIVE please read the Technical Guidelines.

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