ECCE Programme Readiness Reminder

We wish to remind services that the deadline for submission of ECCE fees lists, calendars and funding agreements on the Hive is Friday August 13th in order to receive the ECCE preliminary payment on Friday August 20th 2021.

In relation to ECCE Non Payable/Payable weeks please note as per section 3.2 of the ECCE rules, where a service is closed for 3 days or more in a single week this is regarded as a non-payment week. This excludes closures due to bank holidays. E.g. In a week where a bank holiday falls and the service close for an additional 2 days this will still be regarded as a payable week.

Please see the full ECCE payable/non-payable week information below:

·       3 open days = Payable Week
·       Less than 3 open days = Non payable week
·       Bank holiday and two open days = Payable week
·       Bank holiday and only 1 open day = Non payable week 

Kind regards,

Early Years Team

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